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A script to facilitate random note-taking in the terminal
Written in: Bash
License: ISC
Quickly jotting down a few notes in their preferred text editor is, in itself,
probably a non-issue for most computer users. That said, having to decide on
where to save them and making sure they don't get lost in the vast expanses of
a multi-gigabyte home directory filled with tens of thousands of files can
sometimes make for an uninvited challenge.
`mote` aims to get these problems out of the way by
a) storing notes in a pre-defined location in chronological order
b) making stored notes easily searchable, browsable, and editable
The program will use the user's preferred text editor and pager as defined by
the shell environment.
`mote` is, however, not intended to be useful for structured note-taking. It is,
in essence, just a notepad with date stamps to facilitate immediate,
distraction-free “mind-to-file” action, the results of which are to be recovered
later and mostly ordered and edited elsewhere.
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